Alpha Sigma Phi|Alpha Tau

Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale University in 1845 to unite the standards and principles that three young freshmen sought to preserve through brotherhood.


Throughout its 161 year history, the brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi have not forgotten about the ideals of its founders, while, at the same time, they have continued to adopt new principles. Today's brotherhood of Alpha Sigma Phi melds the timeless ideals of its founding with those of the present.

Alpha Sigma Phi is a Fraternity that, for all of its time, has been controlled totally by undergraduate members. It is a Fraternity that structures its chapters to be a real, living seminar in leadership development, organizational skills, management science, financial planning, and human relations.

It is a Fraternity that holds scholarship in high regard and puts its beliefs into action; a Fraternity that believes in a well-rounded social program and actively carries it out; a Fraternity that believes in service to its campus and community and strives to find innovative methods to express this concern for others.

It is a Fraternity that has never been easy to characterize with any stereotypical terms because of its diverse membership and growth through each generation of brothers. It is a place where an individual is just that - where he can and does see results from his own involvement almost immediately.

It is a Fraternity that has, for most of its existence, pioneered in developing inter-fraternity cooperation by promoting America's fraternity system first, and itself second. It is a Fraternity that set the pace in open membership, doing so on a national level.

How did this kind of Fraternity evolve? It began with the ambition of Louis Manigault, a 17-year-old South Carolinian, and his close friends Stephen Rhea and Horace Weiser. Together, these young men created Yale's second Sophomore Society, offering their peers an option in selecting a Fraternity that was better suited to their own ideals. The ideals, principles and programs that they laid out must have been special indeed. For, despite the fact that due to various reasons none of the founders finished their education at Yale, Alpha Sigma Phi lived. For, despite the fact that an outspoken publication and intense rivalry between societies at Yale almost immediately put the group under faculty bans, Alpha Sigma Phi prevailed. For despite, the fact that it had to operate underground and then come to depend on a single chapter for many years, Alpha Sigma Phi continued. Not only did it continue, but it grew and ultimately became a major force in America's Fraternity system.


Why was this possible? Perhaps it was because of the intangibles like brotherhood, spirit, and unity. Because of a goal best described as "To better the man." Because of men who have found involvement in Alpha Sigma Phi to be worthwhile for not only their undergraduate years, but for a lifetime.

As the nation's tenth oldest social fraternity and eleventh oldest men's fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi has endured a long history of both trials and prosperity; however, throughout all of this time, we have fostered the growth of a brotherhood that now consists of thousands of active brothers in more than 60 chapters.

Our undergraduate ranks are constantly expanding as new groups arise with the desire to uphold the principles of brotherhood, service, and self-betterment that have been central to the Fraternity since its conception. A dedicated alumni base of more than 40,000 has also proved invaluable in supporting the individual chapters of Alpha Sigma Phi throughout the years, whether through guidance, financial assistance, or their dedicated administration of our national organization.

Stevens Institute of Technology is home to the Alpha Tau chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi, which was originally founded in 1926 as the Gamma chapter of Alpha Kappa Pi. Our original chapter developed in both size and prestige for 20 years, leading up to Alpha Kappa Pi's merger with Alpha Sigma Phi in 1946. The history of the Alpha Tau chapter has become emblematic of our fraternity's national symbol of a phoenix, the mythological bird renowned for its ability to rise up from its ashes.

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Within the past few years, the brotherhood of Alpha Tau has recovered immensely from its stagnation during the late 1990's. We now have a chapter 30 brothers strong and are thriving and increasing at a healthy rate thanks to the dedication and teamwork of each brother. In many ways, rebuilding our brotherhood from the ground up has allowed us to form an even bond within our family and give us hope for a better future.

It is at this local level that the true ideals of Alpha Sigma Phi have been, and continue to be applied. And it is at this same level that you must decide if you wish to be truly involved; if you wish to work on worthwhile programs; if you wish to make a real contribution; and if you wish to share this within the framework of a very unique brotherhood.

The open motto of Alpha Sigma Phi is translated as: "The cause is hidden, the results well-known." It's something to think about.