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The pivotal point of interest in a fraternity is not the name or the house, but the brothers themselves. The purpose of Rush, and other related events, is to assist you in getting to know the brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi. Many of us are active on campus, whether as TA's, work-study students, or in student organizations; however, Rush gives us the chance to interact outside of the academic scene, which means a social atmosphere, fun events, and usually some food. You're encouraged to take every opportunity available to partake in the events that interest you and take advantage of all the planning and preparation that went into them. Most importantly, have a good time, and be social.

While you're out having a good time, the purpose of Rush on our end is to get to know you, personally, and start networking with the students that show an interest in the fraternity. Certainly, coming to Rush events does not obligate you to pledge Alpha Sig. While you're attending Rush events from various fraternities and decided which fraternity, if any, is right for you, we're running through the numbers and statistics on our end using time-tested formulas to highlight which students we're interested in inviting to pledge Alpha Sigma Phi. And so goes the annual cycle of Rush.

Common Questions

Why is it called a Smoker?

While not terribly significant, this comes up every year. Way back when, it was a common practice at Smoker events to hand out cigars and have a smoke. This presumably died out after the importation ban of Cuban cigars, when fraternities started hosting food and entertainment.

Where are you located?

In the event that you've missed our address elsewhere, our house is located at 903 Castle Point Terrace (also known as Fraternity Row) on the river side of the street. We're easily visible from the CPT and 9th St. intersection right before the Stevens entrance gates. You can also find us listed as number 60 on most Stevens campus maps (top-middle).

Re: Living in the house...

Our house holds 23 brothers comfortably. There are 2 singles, and 5 multi-person dwellings, all of which have more floor space per person than Stevens housing. Housing preference favors elder brothers, which means that newly initiated brothers cannot be guaranteed a spot in the house immediately after pledging, but everyone has a fair chance of living in the house sometime during their stay at Stevens. Payments for residence are all handled through your standard tuition bill. Room and board is offered during both semesters for about 75% the cost of Stevens rates, and summer/winter housing is also available (for brothers and tenants). There are three bathrooms in the house (one per floor) along with a Chapter room, kitchen, and basement, which serves as a recreation, laundry, and general meeting room. All residents are required to abide by the posted clean-up lists, which attempt to maintain a clean state of affairs in the house. You're welcome to visit anytime for a tour around the house, should you want to look around.

What is pledging?

Pledging is the pre-initiation cycle that all prospective brothers must go through before being given the final opportunity to become a full-fledged member of the fraternity. Our pledge process lasts a few months, during which time the pledge class will complete the pledge education program, a series of meetings that aim to educate them about the fraternity's rituals and history, as well as get to know the brothers on a more personal level. Pledging is an intricate part of joining Alpha Sigma Phi as it allows a prospective brother to gradually adapt to brotherhood and to ultimately confirm his interest in joining the fraternity.

Is hazing or required drinking an issue?

Hazing was not enforced upon the current brothers during their pledging, nor will it be upon future pledges. Alpha Sigma Phi abides by an anti-hazing policy as defined by our own bylaws and Stevens' regulations. You're more than welcome to streak around campus or take a picture of yourself riding the bull on Wall Street if you like, but we won't require, ask, or expect such things from you. Alcohol consumption will never be imposed upon any pledge, brother or guest of Alpha Sigma Phi, be it at social events or ceremonies.

What's the purpose of a fraternity?

This proverbial question is easily answered by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "a group of people associated or formally organized for a common purpose, interest, or pleasure" and a "men's student organization formed chiefly for social purposes having secret rites and a name consisting of Greek letters." In reality, a fraternity is essentially social business. It's organized by a group of associates for both their betterment and enjoyment and the preservation of respected rituals and traditions. While each fraternity differs by its symbols, founding basis, and traditions, all possess a primary goal of perpetuating brotherhood within its ranks. As each fraternity encourages close relationships between its brothers, the true defining factor in distinguishing fraternities is, indeed, the brotherhood itself.

Have a question that's not listed?

If you're unable to answer your question in this, or any of the other informational sections on this site, contact the Rush Chair with any outstanding questions regarding the brothers, house, events, or social-economical concerns.