Alpha Sigma Phi :: Alpha Tau Chapter
Frequently Asked Questions

What the hell is this and what's it doing?

This the homepage of the Alpha Tau Chapter of ΑΣΦ. Its purpose is to enable you, whether you're a guest, pledge, or brother (of any year) to get information relating to events we're holding, how the Chapter is doing, and most importantly - keep in contact with your brothers!

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How do I use it?

To be able to view other brothers' information, update your own, and contribute, first, Register a Username. This username can be anything you like. After you've registered, Choose the "Edit Profile" link on the left to tie your User Account with your name in our Brother List.

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I don't want people seeing my information!

Currently the permissions are set as:

Information Level Required to View
Contact Information Brother
Brother's Name Brother
Roster, Initiation Date, Family Tree, Positions, Pledge Class Anonymous
Major, Minor, Graduation Year Anonymous
Birthdate, Anniversary, Special Dates Brother
Occupation & Family Brother

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I want to update another person's information.

Excellent! Login and then choose the Contact the Chapter link. Fill out the form and Request "Moderator" status. A moderator has the ability to edit any Brother's profile - and for security reasons we prefer to have some control over this option. We may need to verify your account by phone or e-mail, but we beleive that any brother wishing to contribute to the database will be free to.

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What's the User Account For? / What do you mean Tie An Account? / What's the difference between User and Brother?

Your User Account is a Login name and password combination you choose. The username has some restrictions on it (such as no spaces, length, etc) but it and the password can be almost anything you want.

Once you've chosen your Username and Password, you'll want to associate them with your real identity, if you're a brother. This process is not hard, just Login (If you haven't) and go to the Edit User Profile page and follow the instructions there.

The difference between your User Profile and Brother Profile is your that User Profile exists to help you as a member of the site (and you don't have to be a brother to have one). It saves preferences, and provides you with the freedom to let you log in and navigate however you are comfortable. Your brother profile exists to allow other brothers to contact you, see any information you're willing to share, and navigate a complete roster of our Chapter.

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I got an error! / I have a suggestion!

Please, contact the Webmaster. If you can include time and date of the error, and steps to reproduce it, that would be outstanding.

If there's some functionality you'd like to see on the site, please, let me know. This site is still in the early stages, and there are some features on the drawing board that will be coming soon, so keep an eye out!

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