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The Alpha Tau chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi has flourished in recent years, excelling in the areas of community service, rush and recruitment, brotherhood development, and leadership by example on a national level. As you'll see below; however, the house has not kept up with the brotherhood in terms of excellence.


To make a tax deductible donation for the academic scholarship fund you can visit the Stevens Donation Page and please specify the program as "Other" and write in Ben Oliver Scholarship Fund.

To make a donation that will go towards house upkeep and maintenance, the preferred method is through Paypal, as below.

You can also set up a recurring donation set up through your bank using an automatic BillPay System. This donation is not tax deductible, and will be used primarily for House Maintenance, and Brotherhood Development Programs.

You can also mail a check. We have had problems with checks to the house being lost, due to a lot of people coming in and out, rush events, parties, and such - so we have a PO Box:

Alumni Association of Alpha Tau
PO Box 1791
Hoboken, NJ 07030



Most of you have formed your closest friendships from those in our house. A brother may have helped you find a job or meet your wife or simply helped you become the man that you are in some small way. Please honor this legacy and make a donation today to one or multiple funds below. Please help us each and every year in these important programs. The funds will be Alumni managed and professionally implemented. Please help us now.

PS: A special thanks to John Dryzga for taking pictures so you can connect back to the house!

PPS: You can add multiple items to your cart! If you'd like to donate more, or an amount not listed, combine items in your shopping cart!

1926 Fund

The year of our chapter's founding is 1926 and our house itself forms the foundation of our brotherhood's ongoing home away from home. The 1926 Fund was started to fund projects with large capital requirements like the roof repair and pointing of the house. Please donate something to this fund now to help us before the repairs are past the point of being minor.

UPDATE: The pointing on the house or lack of it in some locations is causing water infiltration and damage especially on the north facing wall. The roof is leaking so much that water damage has forced the removal of the interior sheet rock from the ceiling in room 8 and is beginning to cause the same in room 6. The pointing alone can be as high as $100,000 if the entire house is to be redone.

903 CPT Fund

The common areas of the house is where lifelong friendships were forged for all of you. All of these areas are in need of renovation now and will be on an ongoing basis every 10 years give or take. We need to pro-actively manage this to make our chapter liveable, attractive for prospective brothers, friends, family and our alumni to foster pride and membership.

The common areas include our chapter room, kitchen, basement, laundry area, bathrooms, perimeter and patio areas. Please consider making a donation at least once a year to this and other funds.

UPDATE: We currently need new rugs throughout the house, all bathrooms are in need of gut renovation, new flooring in the kitchen, URGENT!!!! the basement IMMEDIATELY need a $10,000 renovation to conform to fire codes, etc. Please donate at least $100 to this fund

Room Funds
Room Choice

Almost every one of us has lived in one room or another in our chapter house. We're lucky to have a chapter house! Many colleges only have dormitories as an option. Having lived in one of them you likely have many memories both good and others you might want to forget :) Nevertheless, we ask that you make a donation to sponsor your old room. Once we reach a renovation target of $2000 for small rooms and $3-4000 for the largest, they will be completely renovated and your name, year of initiation will be added to a plaque that honors your donation. We'll likely celebrate each time we complete a room and will post progress towards our goals along the way here.

Let's see who's room will be the first! Pictures will be posted after each renovation.

  • Inner Hole - The small closet-like room in the back corner of the house, past the Hole
  • Hole - The bedroom behind the kitchen
  • Room 3 - The front of the house on the first floor
  • Room 4 - The single on the first floor in the middle of the hallway
  • Room 5 - The large room at the back of the house on the first floor
  • Room 6 - The large room at the front of the house on the top floor, including the two connected rooms and the small single next to them
  • Room 7 - The single on the top floor, next to the bathroom in the center of the hallway
  • Room 8 - The room at the back of the house on the top floor, with a door opening to a balcony

Hole & Inner Hole

Room 3

Room 5

Room 6

Room 7

Room 8

Tax Deductions

As of this moment, your donations will not be tax deductible, BUT we are actively looking into the legalities of forming a 503c non-profit corporation for this specific purpose. PLEASE don't let that stop you from making donations this year. We will keep you posted on our progress in this. All donations are deposited into the Alumni Association's bank account and will be tracked and spent based on the program/fund to which you donate. All work will be professionally done and the improvements will follow the same style for furniture, walls, flooring, etc. using high quality, industrial grade materials, furniture. All work will be contracted to licensed professionals following a multiple bid process per project. We want this to last, look and work great!

The academic scholarship fund is tax deductible though! You can visit the Stevens Donation Page and please specify the program as "Other" and write in Ben Oliver Scholarship Fund.

Thank You