Alpha Sigma Phi :: Alpha Tau Chapter
2002 | 2004

The Grand Chapter (GC)

The Grand Chapter, formerly the National Convention, is held every even year. Besides bringing Brothers together from all across the country, the primary purpose of the Grand Chapter is to provide the convention at which major Fraternity decisions are made. Alpha Sigma Phi is primarily an undergraduate-run fraternity and chapter delegates are charged with forming policy at Grand Chapter. The Staff must organize meetings for tackling issues such as Grand Council elections, dues assessments, ritual modifications, and other significant decisions on which votes are required. Therefore, in addition to learning about the fundamentals of being an Alpha Sig and meeting hundreds of Brothers from other chapters, the Grand Chapter is a pivotal meeting in the life of our Fraternity.

National Leadership Conference (NLC)

NLC is held every summer either as a stand-alone conference in odd years or in conjunction with the Grand Chapter in even years. Having the opportunity to gather and share brotherhood with Alpha Sigs from across the country is an inherent benefit of being a member of a national fraternity. Alpha Sigma Phi endeavors to combine the opportunity to commune with the chance to learn about what it means to be an Alpha Sigma Phi Brother. In this effort, the Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters Staff is responsible for planning, executing, and evaluating the NLC.