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Picture of the Week: February 17th 2015
9:09 2/17/15
Editorian here, and here is this week's Alpha Sig Picture of the Week, featuring our Chancellor of No Fun trying not to smile while he hugs our beloved Baris. You used to be fun Alex, you used to be fun.


-David Smith
Picture of the Week: February 9th 2015
12:12 2/9/15
As Editorian, I have taken it upon myself to share with you the Alpha Sig Picture of the Week for every week this semester.


​Tyler (and I) make Kyle want to kill himself, Arce wants to help.
Bid Night, 10/6/15

-David Smith
Map Not Updated
9:35 1/30/15
The Map of Chapters has NOT been updated with all the recent Colony additions fyi
House Revitalization Donation Drive 2012
22:24 12/18/12
Alpha Tau has kicked off the House Revitalization Donation Drive 2012, aiming to repoint the house, renovate the individual bedrooms, and restore the common areas of the house. Check out the donate page for more information and instructions on how to donate, and head to the Facebook groups to learn more and connect with brothers!